Circulating supply
User Pool Weight

Solster's tiered system will help determine the user pool weight for guaranteed token allocation in a fair and decentralized manner.

Tier 4 - Giga
Pool Weight

(75000 Staked STR)
Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 3 - Mega
Pool Weight

(50000 Staked STR)
Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 2 - Micro
Pool Weight

(26000 Staked STR)
Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 1 - Nano
Pool Weight

(14000 Staked STR)
Guaranteed Allocation

Note: Changes can be made to the staked token requirement for Tier eligibility in the future. The changes will depend on the STR token Price.

The TrilogySystem of Solster

Conventional launchpads rely on first come and first clicks. Unlike them, our launchpad is fair and equitable for all and yet rewards token holders. The Solster launchpad doesn't have high financial barriers to get into the market. It also doesn't have whitelist spots based on first form fillers.

The Solster launchpad fundraising will follow the trilogy system marked in three rounds. The system ensures guaranteed fund allocation to the participants base.

Solster has implemented a system called Auto Token Claim. Just add your allocation funds in the pool, rest from token allocation to transfer is handled seamlessly by Smart Contracts.

We are among the first IDO launchpad for Solana projects to have implemented and automated the token claim process.

User Flow for Solster Launchpad
Round One

100% of investors with staked STR tokens. All STR Token Stake Holders can contribute based on - STR tokens Staked - KYC - Whitelisting.

Round Two

Optional. 100% of investors with STR token holders. All STR Token Holders can contribute based on - STR tokens in their wallet irrespective of Staking - KYC - Whitelisting.

Round three

The third round will only take place if IDO projects have any unsold/spare tokens in Round 2. The round is open for everyone and no criteria of staked STR token applies here. KYC - Whitelisting

DeFi Solutions from Solster

The focal point of creating an integrated system like Solster is to help initiate and manage decentralized finances. Solster will introduce the following solutions through its decentralized ecosystem.

Launchpad for ecentralized Fundraising
IDO Launchpad for Decentralized Fundraising
Solster Launchpad will facilitate upcoming Solana ecosystem projects to raise funds in decentralized manner. All the Solster token staked users will get priority pass based on their staked amount.
DEXs for Crypto Trading
DEXs for Crypto
Solster DEX will make open Serum DEX. The platform will improve trading features and rich UI designs. It will also offer a custom UI where the participants get to design their DEX screen based on their needs.
Token Swapping
Solster Token swaps platforms are used for private and public token swaps. Private token swaps are only available to the users with token purchases and public swap is available to everyone on the Solster platform.
Lottery Platform
The platform lets users indulge in lottery and earn through their luck. The lottery smart contract shall select winners from the pool. It makes the lottery decentralized and fair. Whitepaper talks about multiple lottery types.
Token Staking
Solster lets STR token users earn rewards if they stake STR tokens. The more they stake STR tokens, more the rewards they will have from the platform.
Token Vesting
Solster launchpad projects to lock the tokens. Teams, companies, and any user can lock their tokens that will be released on maturity dates through smart contract.

We follow these roadmap for launching the Solster ecosystem. We may experience certain setbacks while developing the whole Solster ecosystem, but our team has a right attitude to stick to the course, no matter what!

  • 2021 Q2
    • Use Case and MVP Development
    • Solster Website with MVP Release
    • STR Token Development and Private Sale
  • 2021 Q3
    • Solster Launchpad Release
    • STR Token Public Sale on Launchpad
    • Application Acceptance for Launchpad Projects
  • 2021 Q4
    • STR Staking Platform
    • New Staking Tiers
    • NFT Launchpad
    • STR Lottery Platform
    • Token Vesting Platform
  • 2022 Q1
    • Solster Swap Program
    • Solster DEX with User Defined UI
    • Governance Model
  • 2022 Q2
    • Token Burning will take effect at the end of the second quarter of 2022
    • Release of Battle platform
    • Enhancement to DEX
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